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Starting in approximately 2016, Andy Wright Travel focused on disability accessible travel, home and abroad (mainly Thailand). Then, Talking Really was added around 2018, which aimed at providing disability related information and support. There are several other smaller channels, non-monetised.


Starting with Travel subjects, although it took a year or so to double down on the subject (the channel had everything on it, until subject matter was separated).   The channel hit monetisation almost immediately with a temporary blip when requirements changed. The channel soon qualified for the YPP programme and start to receive "Adsense" money, although it is quite a small amount (32p for around 4,000 views) because of the subscriber numbers, which in March 2021 still remain just below 2,000.

Two years after the travel channel a second one called Talking Really, took off and after a year or so was also monetised, having reached the prescribed levels for the YPP.  Now, in March 2021, this channel is catching up on subscriber numbers and will eventually surpass the travel channels' numbers very soon.

Other Video Platform Outlets

This is a censorship free new platform where video subject matter can be literally anything.  The TALKING REALLY UNCUT channel concentrates on disability related subjects, and the more extreme subject matter of current news importance (as of March 2021 this is the Covid19 pandemic response).  Because this was created at the platform creation, the channel has grown organically and achieved "rhodium" status, for regular uploading of materials and loyalty.   Visit the site here

Odysee came about after finding LBRY, a new alternative video storage platform where bitcoin type currency is the form of payment.  Odysee is a derivitive of LBRY, which it uses as a model for operation, yet is more user friendly.  The platform channels were set up as a mirror, and there are two sites, both with exact copy videos (automatically transferred) from the Youtube channels of the same name.  So, Andy Wright Travel is here and Talking Really is here.

When dabbling with alternative platforms, at the time when Youtube was playing up, the Bitchute channel "Andy Wright Online" was set up. But, due to various reasons, with 3 subscribers, it has not been updated since 2017.  Find it here.

Again, at a time of looking for alternatives, the channel "Andy Wright" was set up, but the platform limits the number and size of upload unless you pay.  One video is on the platform at the moment. Find it here.

Video & DVD Production

The "How To" series of instructional videos is how Arcade Video came about. Andy was looking to sell DVD's to his students and the wider audience, because many had requested something to help them at home.  Finding that producing videos of such a small and specialist nature meant there were very few companies offering this, and those that did had inflationary price tags.

Arcade Video was just another avenue, following the lines of Arcade Software (est. 1988), and has a large catalogue of titles available for purchase directly. 

Also offered is the opportunity for you to have your DVD, video or "production" filmed and mastered.  Conferences, training sessions, weddings etc are all things that can be catered for.

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