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During his full time employment for Shaw Trust 2004 to 2009, he was involved with helping certain "difficult to place" clients under the DWP scheme called Progress-2-Work.  It was an initiative to help ex-drug addicts back to work.  Andy was one of the top achievers in the team, gaining a National Government award in 2006 that was presented by the Minister Vernon Cocker.  During his time with Shaw Trust he took and passed NVQ level 4 in Advice and Guidance.

We all need help occasionally

With a vast wealth of experiences and many decades of solving the everyday issues, maybe Andy can help you solve yours.  From short to long term goals, motivation aplenty, you may soon discover you're back on the road again.

From job hunting, getting fitter and healthier, cutting the bad habits such as smoking, relationships, and many other life issues, Andy may have the answers or if not, be able to direct you to the right places.

If you've lost focus, in a rut or just need some advice, help or guidance, it may be beneficial to contact Andy Wright here, to see what he can do for you 

121 Mentoring Sessions Available

Should you need advice or guidance, I offer a personalised 121 service where you can receive 30 or 60 minutes via "JITSI" (similar to Zoom). The subject matter can be anything you need help with, such as personal stuff, DWP, benefits, social issues, relationships, travel, disability, etc.  The booking is made through PICKTIME, and you can access this here.

Please read the terms and conditions, found on this page.  The booking is paid for through Paypal, and if required via BACS (details on request).  At times, discounted pricing will be offered to everyone, but those who are signed up for Patreon membership, can get £5 off immediately.

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Life Coaching

Free Video Series on Youtube

I have put up some videos for free, discussing various subjects in the bigger picture of life coaching, things that can affect your progress and exactly what we can address together.

My service is personalised and the first meeting is free to establish just what you want to achieve and what steps we'll take in the period of working together.  

Contact me for further information

Life Coach Youtube Playlist

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"Life Coaching is a buzz-word, a trend, other people are involved with undertaking.  You may have heard of Tony Robbins (one of the more famous life coaches in the world), who commands big bucks when it comes to consultation fees; this might put you off making that first step to changing your life.  I can assure you I offer value for money and while I don't offer 100% guarantees of success (because the outcomes are variable according to the effort expended), I can say my advice will be the best you can get"   Andy Wright

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