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Qualifying in 2018, Andy decided to take the 120 hour standard TEFL course, enabling him to gain the skills to be able to teach English as a Foreign Language. Additionally, he undertook other modules for Online learning totalling 40 hours.  The motivation for doing these certified courses was to start additional revenue streams to supplement declining income from physical modalities that he taught AND also because he has a Thai wife in need of lessons.

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With 30 plus years of teaching experience, alongside the knowledge and ability to set up, write and deliver a certified Qigong Instructors qualification (2009-2011), TEFL is another area of expertise Andy offers.  With a Thai wife to whom he speaks daily, the necessity to learn English was a priority for her.  Not only to communicate, English conversational skills were also required for the UK Visa that specifies the IELTS A1 certificate as a mandatory qualification.  When the pandemic hit and all education facilities closed in Thailand, Andy took over the lessons to keep her progress moving forward but was aware of the old adage "teaching your spouse is not a good idea".  However, progress during the shutdown has been good and Tad is ready to take the test.

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