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Andy Wright is a unique personality, having struggled through life's adventures to make sure he benefits from and gives back to the world using his assets and skills.

My life as a human being is, in my opinion, pretty straight forward. Where it becomes complicated is when the cerebral palsy influences what I wish to achieve! Things are generally made more challenging for me when people say ‘You’ll never do that’, such as winning my black belt in Karate, or walking.

As far as public speaking is concerned, whatever your particular topic I will aim to include some relevance in my talk; for example talking about employment to businesses, my world travel to travel Agents, School life to children etc. I can talk for as long as you need whether that’s for an after dinner event, School Assembly or a Conference.

The subject matter will always be based around my life and experiences and I will try to tailor the content and length to the age and ability of the participants.

  • RELIABLE - Book and Andy turns out. Without tempting fate there's never been a time that cancelling from his side has occured.  Obviously, any deposit or payment is returned should it be his fault.
  •  ANY TIME ANY WHERE - From Athens to Zimbabwe, if required.  Travel costs and incidentals are chargeable extras.
  • LESS MONEY THAN A REAL CELEBRITY - Competition amongst "disabled" speakers has grown in the last 30 years and it is no longer possible to just be disabled, you need a talent or a skill to get noticed and booked.

Sport England Inspirational Sports People, saw Andy's teaching of qigong made into a video presentation for the awards ceremony and to celebrate the achievements.

Working as a team member for Shaw Trust, this video was made about Andy's work in Tackling Drugs, a national competition which he won through to the finals.  He was very successful at helping ex-drug addicts back to work or training.

This video was made to celebrate the Shaw Trust achievements as an employer of choice for disabled people, and of course the work that staff members did for clients.                                 

Made for the TV programme From The Edge, a disability related magazine programme that highlighted disabled people.  Andy was shown because of his black belt and teaching able bodied people.

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