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First and foremost the hints and tips appearing on this forum apply to everyone however there may be times when something is not appropriate for wheelchair users, and where possible (if not obvious) I will try to highlight it.  For example, the onboard accessibility of aircraft is not ideal for disabled people, but nevertheless wheelchair users do fly, albeit with difficulty.  Airlines are becoming more disabled-friendly and they claim to be able to cope with your needs before, during and after the flight.  In my experience, it is sometimes best to go unannounced (unless you have more complex needs) because of prior experience with an airline (with whom we declared our needs at the time of booking) who subsequently refused to take myself and wife forcing us to seek an alternative carrier at our own cost.

That said a lot of disabled people do travel via planes and as far as I know, they are able to go and return just like any one else.  Mostly, airlines stipulate that you need to bring a helper if you need assistance onboard.  In my early days of travel (1990’s), my wife and I didn’t have PA’s, and certainly could never afford to employ anyone to come on holiday with us.  We relied upon the plane staff, which is always awkward and an unknown because they could always refuse.

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