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Self taught during the 1980's, Andy learned BASIC and MACHINE CODE and then moved on to programming as a career choice. During the 1990's he developed skills in DELPHI, moving on later to HTML, Javascript, PHP etc. By the late 1990's he was already offering website and programming services, along side computer sales and repair.

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A complete service is on offer for the agreed price. Other companies quote a price, then try to add on extras (at extra cost). The basic package includes a "" domain name (where available), worth around £15 per year. Other name types will be at cost, and help deciding the name can also be offered.  WIX and GODADDY offer the choice of designing your own website, but you need to do all the work. Our packages are complete design and hosting (on a yearly basis) and NO hard feelings if you want to change hosting space later. A design is offered for your perusal with input from yourself at the beginning.

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