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For the most part this site is free, with no joining fees, no viewing fees and no costs for anything.  The You Tube videos are monetised (meaning that adverts show over them at the start and intermittently) so that if you click through, I will receive a small payment from the advertiser.

But nothing is free and I am self employed so apart from the obvious rent and food, I also have to pay for the website space, Facebook and Google advertising and the such like.  The end game idea was for this AND similar ventures to return a salary that would help me to move away from a very physical job where pain is my enemy, to one of working at home (or abroad) creating videos and blogs, courses and workshops.

The dilemma is to be able to offer this site for little or no cost but also earn a living. Haha, an idea I saw from someone else blogging… Donations!  In this way the people who can and want to help support my ventures can do so, giving what ever they feel is appropriate while everyone else can get access without the worry of having to pay membership fees, etc.

Obviously this may change at some point. But for now, it solves many dilemmas.  So please donate as much as you can, because without it I cannot afford to do this.

PayPal: Donate The amount is up to you, but please consider the value in multiples of 5 because Paypal will be taking their cut out of it